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I am professional dog groomer with a thriving dog grooming business, owners often ask how they can maintain their dogs groom between professional appointments. Not maintaining your dogs coat correctly can result in unnecessary and unintentional suffering therefore It can be really daunting and difficult to groom your dog especially if they are not cooperating however this difficulty can often be overcome with a little bit of knowledge therefore I have made it my mission to assist and educate dog owners on how to groom and maintain their dog’s coat correctly in a simplified and easy way.

How to groom your poodle cross…

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How to affectively groom your poodle cross.

In this post I am going to explain how to affectively groom your poodle cross. Poodles have wool coats (curly) and the crossed breed generally has a straighter coats that would naturally moult, such as a spaniel or Labrador. Therefore no two cross breeds are the same, even when they are from the same litter! These cross breeds have a different texture to a pure wool coat so this means that the hair becomes tangled and knotted easier and much quicker and this causes matts which are painful for the dog.

To effectively groom your poodle cross you need a few pieces of equipment: A comb, a slicker brush and if possible a detangling agent.

Firstly, spray your dog with the detangling agent which will soften any knots and tangles. Remember that a curly coat grows in many directions so means that you can brush your dog’s fur in different directions to get the most effective technique.

Next, use a slicker brush to fluff the coat however this will only fluff your dogs coat up and will not remove any knots. This means next you will need to use a comb to thoroughly go through the coat, use the comb in both a backward and forward motion to methodically brush down to the skin. It is important to make sure you reach the skin as this is how you remove knots and dead hair, for instance if you only brush the top half of the hair you will brush over the top of any knots.


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