Hello! Let me introduce myself!

Dogs are part of the family…

Dogs are part of the family and its life love and companionship that lead me to become a professional dog groomer. Over the years in the industry I realised that a large number of owners were unsure how to maintain their dog’s groom. It is common for an owner to know that they need to brush their dog however they often find it incredibly hard to succeed, this is where I come in, my aim is to help owners to enable them to succeed in dog grooming at home.

Incorrect grooming will resulting in unnecessary and unintentional suffering. So I have made it my mission to assist and educate owners, helping them to groom their dog themselves in a simplified and easy way.

I have been around dogs and horses my hole life. It’s this love for animals that lead me to study equine at collage followed by doing my dog grooming training. I then set up an extremely successful dog grooming business and now this blog with the aim of helping as many dogs as possible

I hope that this blog will give owners the confidence to have a go at grooming their dogs themselves.

So, What can you expect on this blog?

  • How to groom a variety of dog breeds and coat types.
  • How to maintain your dogs groom between professional appointments.
  • How to undertake basic grooming activities yourself.
  • What equipment you will need for different coat types and how to use them safely.
  • Why your dog may be behaving a certain way when being groomed.
  • And finally answer your dog grooming questions!

We are always working to cover as many topics as possible so feel free to let us know if there are any topics you want us to cover!


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